HBA Board Nomination and Election Process

Under the HBA’s By-Laws, as amended, there are three “classes” of Board members. The first “class” of Board members’ terms expired as of the HBA “Annual Meeting” in November 2011, subsequent classes’ terms expire in each successive year. The following explains how the nomination and election process will occur, in accordance with the By-Laws.

To be nominated, an HBA member must be in good standing and eligible to vote, and must obtain the supporting signatures of at least 7 HBA members in good standing and eligible to vote, on a Nomination Form to be supplied by the Board (providing, e.g., “I, ___, am a member of HBA in good standing, and I hereby support the nomination of ____ for possible election to the HBA Board.”) The form will contain at least ten signature lines -- legitimacy of signatures and good standing status expressly will be in the sole discretion of the Board, so that candidates may wish to obtain more than 7, against the possible challenge of some signatures. A member can support the nomination of more than one candidate.

The candidate for nomination must attach to the Nomination Form a copy of a Candidate’s Statement, signed by the candidate, which theretofore must have been filed by e-mail in the month of September with the President and Treasurer of the HBA Board, expressing briefly the candidate’s intent, qualifications, and reasons for seeking Board nomination and election. A copy of the Candidate’s Statement must be attached to the Nomination Form when presented to members for possible signature supporting the nomination. All Nomination Forms are due to be submitted to the President or Treasurer by the start of the October meeting of HBA.

All prospective nominees will be offered an opportunity to speak for approximately 2 - 3 minutes at the October general meeting preceding the November Annual Meeting, regarding their candidacy. Voting by the membership will occur by paper ballot during the November Annual Meeting, held during the time of the regular November HBA meeting; voting by proxy and/or voting by e-mail also may be options.

The class of three current Board members whose seats are open for election are announced in the Summer.

The HBA membership will be reminded of this procedure in the Summer, to afford members sufficient opportunity to determine whether to seek nomination.

The first election of a class of three HBA Board members took place in Fall 2011, in accordance with our By-Laws (and the same will occur each successive year). This is a very important event for our organization, and the Board encourages all members to participate actively, either by declaring candidacy for a working position on the Board or by submitting a vote by proxy or ballot. All of the details are explained in the documents that have been prepared for this purpose and made available on the HBA website: the Nomination Form, the Voting Proxy Form, and the Voting Ballot Form. Please visit our site: http://www.HBAmetro.org for more information, and we look forward to your participation in this important process that will help chart the future course of the HBA.

HBA Board Nomination and Election Process
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