The HBA connecting the Health, Business and Not-for-profit Communities from Queens, Nassau and Suffolk

In 2002, several leaders from the Business, Healthcare and Not-For-Profit arenas identified a disconnect among these disparate groups. With the goal of creating mutually beneficial agendas and maximizing common goals and objectives, the HBA was launched after a series of informal workshops that morphed into its current form: a virtual “Trading Post” where relationships are born and alliances are forged. Meetings typically are held at either our Queens or Nassau location, with recurring “off-site” meetings at interesting venues. HBA is a Section 501(c)(6) educational corporation.

For the past fifteen years, the HBA has provided seminars, expos, community awards presentations, and other educational opportunities, and has staged events that allow these three business sectors to enhance services and improve business practices while benefitting Queens and Nassau communities. This has had a positive impact on the local community and has leveraged members’ social capital and competitive intelligence, and ultimately identified and created new revenue streams for active members and their companies.